….But are we eating the RIGHT foods?

Alright so we’ve figured out why we eat the foods we do. Now the question becomes, are we eating the right foods?

As amusing as this picture may be, it is also a very accurate representation of what we have become because of what we are eating!

We are a soda guzzling, hot dog gobbling, drive-thru going, candy craving, fast-food loving society. Do we strive to look like that final man in the picture? I certainly hope not, however our eating habits suggest otherwise. We may not want to admit it, but we are a diabetic, asthmatic, arthritic, big-bellied, all-around unhealthy society with high blood-pressure.

You only get one life and it is a short one. Don’t let a simple thing such as food hold you back from making the most out of your life. Start changing your eating habits for the better!  Not tomorrow, not next week or next month when you have more time, not next year for your New Year’s resolution, no. TODAY.

Image from: Nutrition Action Health Letter. Centre for Science in the Public Interest. July/August 2012 Issue