Why ‘Vital Nutrition’?

Most of us plan for everything in life BUT our health, but really without health, nothing else matters. Thus, health is vital to life and as food is the body's fuel, it makes it vital to its function and success! We fuel ourselves three times a day (or more), 365 days a year. How could what we put into our bodies NOT have an effect on our health? Most of us are simply surviving here on earth with the food choices we are currently making. It is my goal to help turn the switch from surviving to truly THRIVING!

Why consider a Nutritionist?

As a Holistic Nutritionist I consider the “whole” person when it comes to health, and take into account an individual’s unique lifestyle, habits, and mental, social, spiritual and emotional status, rather than focusing solely on the physical symptoms of disease. We are not one single part, but rather a machine full of many individual parts working together. If one of these parts malfunctions, we as a machine also malfunction, and disease is born.

What can I do for you?

As a nutritional consultant, I offer nutritional education and guidance towards living a healthier lifestyle through food. First, I use a variety of assessment tools to identify imbalances in the different body systems. Based on these results, I then create an individualized plan of action using whole foods, lifestyle changes, and supplementation if necessary, to help bring the body back into balance and function like it is intended to. Life is all about balance (yin and yang, black and white, peanut butter and jelly!), including when it comes to our health, and optimum health requires a delicate balance between our body, mind and spirit. When all three areas are balanced, we can truly THRIVE.

Who are my services for?

Everyone! I think we could all benefit from a little more pep in our step, no? Who doesn’t want to jump out of bed every morning feeling like they can take on the world? Would you rather be moping around sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time? Didn’t think so!