Food Sensitivity Test: Retake

Five years ago I had a Food Sensitivity Test done just out of curiosity. Based on the results I made several changes to my diet, with the major change being the elimination of gluten and dairy. Since then I have experienced several  positive health changes. Today, five years later, I still maintain a gluten and dairy-free diet and still feel mostly wonderful…but not totally 100%.

Having just completed my nutrition degree and being on the verge of embarking on my professional career, I decided to have my food sensitivity test redone to see if there have been any changes that may be contributing to this incomplete feeling of wonderful. Comparing the two tests was very interesting and gave me the answer I needed!

In each pair of pictures below, the coloured results are from my test five years ago and the black and white results are from my recent test.


Fruit compare

No significant changes in the fruit department. Cranberries still don’t agree with me, which is fine because I don’t really agree with them either!


veggies compare

Mushrooms are similar to the cranberry situation above. I’m not the hugest fan of them and vice versa apparently. No loss there! It seems they have also cut out and/or replaced a few foods on their test in the last five years as asparagus wasn’t on the most recent test. It is actually one of my top 5 most disliked foods, so I’m not too concerned!


meat compare

The disappearance of my sensitivity to eggs is interesting because I definitely eat more eggs now than I did five years ago when I had a sensitivity to them. Hmmm…


Fish compare

Nothing of concern here. It is still a little ironic to me that my taste buds dislike fish products so much, yet my body seems to love them. Murphy’s law I suppose!


miscellaneous compare

My sensitivity to sugar is a little lower than five years ago, but it is still there, which means that I should continue to avoid sugar and try harder at avoiding it. Chocolate is just so good though!!


nuts grains compare

This section was the one I was most interested in because it contains gluten, which is one of the two main diet changes I made after my initial test five years ago. When I first read the current test results and saw the low reactivity to wheat and gluten I thought “how could this be?? When I eat glutenous things now I KNOW I react to them because I feel so terrible after eating them.” Then I thought back to the section on immunology from my microbiology class where we learned about immune responses and I realized that my body wasn’t reacting to it because this time it wasn’t in my system for it to react to! This confirmed to me that gluten is in fact bad for my body personally, and that I should continue to avoid it.

That being said, I then began to wonder if some of the other foods showed no reaction because they also weren’t in my system, especially in the fish section because I hardly eat any fish. After reading back over my results I decided it wasn’t anything to be too concerned about because I never eat things like coffee or sesame seeds and I showed a reaction to them. I might have a slight sensitivity to some foods I never eat, but there is obviously a reason I never eat them, so I don’t think there is anything to be too worried about.


Dairy compare

The dairy section provided a very clear answer to my question about not feeling 100%. When I say I have been eating gluten and dairy-free for the last five years, I should really add “for the most part” at the end of that sentence. I avoid gluten 99% of the time, but still indulge in dairy fairly regularly. These test results confirm that I should be avoiding dairy 99-100% of the time as well.


Overall, I am very happy that I redid my food sensitivity test because it confirmed to me that I am on the right track to feeling 100%, but to get there I need to be more adamant about avoiding dairy and sugar. I also like the confirmation that dairy and gluten really are not right for my body. A little proof for all the naysayers out there 😉

I'd love to hear your feedback on this "food for thought!"