Nutritional Consulting

Let me be your personal cheerleader as you take your health into your own hands and embark on the journey to a new and improved you! 

First, I will use a variety of assessment tools to help gain a thorough picture of your current state of health. Based on this information and your primary health concerns, I will then create an individualized plan of action to help you move from simply surviving, to THRIVING!


Your initial consultation package includes a 1.5-hour comprehensive review of your health history, current symptoms, lifestyle habits and diet analysis - $200 total

Follow-up appointments (40 minutes each) are then added in groups of two as desired - $180 total


Are you a business looking to improve the health of your employees? Perhaps you are a group of health practitioners wanting to know more about nutrition and health? Or maybe you are just looking to have an educational night with a group of friends? Whatever the case, I would be more than happy to share some nutritional education with you. You pick the topic, or I can, and let's spread some food for thought!

*Minimum half-an-hour

Kitchen "Kleaner"

Committing to a healthier lifestyle means committing in all areas, including your kitchen! You cannot eat healthy without healthier food options in your cupboards and fridge. I will guide you through the basics of a thriving kitchen, including what stays, what goes, and what replacements you can make for your favourite not-so-healthy food items and tools - $200

Grocery Store Tour

Does grocery shopping leave you overwhelmed? Bring me along on a shopping trip and I will show you how to read between the lines of health washing and food advertising, and how to pick affordable, healthier options to truly nourish you and your family - $150