Complete Weight-Loss Package with Metabolic Balance®


Are you tired of the constant yo-yo between weight gain and weight loss? Have you tried every "diet" out there to no avail? With 20 years of research and over a quarter of a million clients worldwide, the Metabolic Balance® program has proven success for long-term weight loss and improving overall quality of life!

The program is based on the idea that under the right conditions, every individual is able to produce the necessary hormones and enzymes for good metabolism and resulting healthy weight stability. What are the right conditions you ask? Well, that depends on the person! Yes, we all need the same basic nutrients for good health, but it is the distribution of these nutrients that differs and this is where the Metabolic Balance® shines! Using your blood work results, individual diet preferences and health goals, every client receives a personalized nutrition plan identifying the foods best suited for them, when to eat them and in what quantities. No more trial and error, your body tells you exactly what it needs to keep your metabolism balanced, your blood sugar stable and those pesky pounds off!


The program includes:

  • A comprehensive initial consultation with me (1.5-2 hours)
  • Comprehensive blood work analysis including hematology, heart health markers, thyroid, blood sugar, minerals, enzymes and inflammation markers
  • Individualized 30-day meal plan based on blood work, diet preferences and health goals
  • 6 months of ongoing support with monthly 1 hour coaching sessions including diet and lifestyle recommendations

Cost: $1000* (payment plan available)

*Yes, private health care is pricey BUT….this a long term solution, not a bandaid fix. If you can pay $1000 for a new cellphone that will only last 3-5 years, surely $1000 is worth a LIFETIME of health! 

Are you ready to find lasting weight-loss for once and all?

Basic Nutrition Consulting Package

Are you struggling with diet restrictions? Has your doctor advised you to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol? Do you feel like a balloon after meals?

Connecting with a Nutritionist can help! Whether a serious health concern or just looking for information in general, we can all benefit from a little support, motivation and "food for thought."

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive initial consultation with me (1.5-2 hours)
  • Individualized analysis and report of findings with diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Sample 3-day menu
  • 3 months of ongoing support with monthly 30-minute check-ins

Cost: $500 (payment plan available)


Are you ready to take the next step in revitalizing your health?


Group Workshops

Are you a business looking to improve the health of your employees? Perhaps you are a group of health practitioners looking to know more about nutrition and health? Or maybe you are just looking to have an educational night with a group of friends? Whatever the case, I would love to share some good conversation about nutrition! You pick the topic or I can, and let's spread some food for thought!

*Minimum half-hour

Are you ready to THRIVE, not just survive?